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Scouts To The Rescue

Posted on March 6th, 2018 by Darren

Scouts helping in the local community!

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Longlevens Scout group were due to be camping at Cranham Scout centre last weekend, but due to the ice, snow, and unpleasant weather they couldn’t go ahead with their fun filled weekend of camping.

Not letting their weekend go to waste, the Longlevens group scout leader Iain Morris received a call from Cathy Williams, the local counsellor, asking for anyone available to help clear the snow in the local community. Iain then put the message forward to his scout group, where he had many responses from willing volunteers from scout groups, including the cubs that had had their camp cancelled.

That morning a team of twelve cubs, scouts, even a beaver scout, along with supportive parents, wrapped up warm and grabbed their shovels, to help clear the snow and ice off the main public footpaths around the Holy Trinity Church. They also cleared snow from around the shops in Longlevens including the local chemist and the doctor’s surgery in Church road.

After helping to clear the street in Longlevens several leaders with four by fours helped the local nurses get to and from work so they could care for the people that are in need. The leaders drove to Stroud District health centre in Stroud and then took the nurses back to the snowy areas of Stroud that they couldn’t access with their cars or public transport.

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