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Gloucester Gang Show 2018

Posted on April 8th, 2018 by Darren

Gloucester Gang Show 2018: Not to be missed!

The Gloucester Gang Show is an annual Scouting Variety Show presented by Scouts and Guides of the Gloucester District. We have been going strong for over half a century now, and we continue to bring fantastic performances to you, year on year ensuring that we will be around to see 100 years in Gloucester!

The show aims to give young people an experience of all aspects of performance, from song and dance to comedy and tragedy. This process has proven to be exceptional at helping young people to develop their confidence, self-belief, inter-personal relationships, social skills, commitment and sense of community, not to mention their performance skills. We believe that programmes like this are of great benefit to young people, and of course also to the many adults we still have riding the Crest of a Wave.

Gloucester Gang Show while still including original material from the late Ralph Reader, also is giving the ‘Gang Show’ name a fresh and modern approach and moving the show into the 21st Century as to ensure that Gang Show will live on through many more generations and decades.

If you have never seen a Gang Show, come on down to our next performance, where we can guarantee you will have a superb night!

Some Quotes from Cast and Crew:

Max Webb, Age 12, Cast member:

“Being part of a group feels like an extended family. Show week, I feel nervous but the nerves soon go once I hit the stage and I feel a sense of achievement.”

Jenniie Hill, Age 22, Stage Coordinator:

“Coming together with a family of friends and enjoying creating memories for everyone. Putting a smile on everyone’s faces and also being able to have a laugh and be a kid again.”

Edward Warner, Age 8, Cast member:

“I like Gang Show because I like dancing and having all my new friends around. I think Gang Show is good for other people because it gives you a lot of happiness and you are supported by others.”

Brooke Martin, Age 18, Cast member:

“To me, Gloucester Gang Show is a place to detach yourself from the troubles of reality and dive into the wonders of performance. My passion is shared amongst a supportive, inspiring network, which I consider to be my second family.”

Kira Mackenzie, Age 13, Cast member:

“Gang show is the highlight of my week! I have made great friends and really enjoy learning new songs and dance routines. It’s like one big happy family.”

Edd Hadley-Pellatt, Age 28, Assistant Stage manager:

“Without Gang show I would not have the friends and skills I have today.”

Callum Tompkins, Age 24, Cast and Fundraising Chairman:

“I enjoy seeing everyone come together to put on an excellent show that brings so much joy to people. Being fundraising chairman allows me to give back to Gang Show for all the opportunities and experiences I have been given over the years of my involvement. Also being able to allow the younger cast to experience everything I have.”


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