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Arrangements for the 2018 St Georges Day Celebrations

Posted on April 16th, 2018 by Darren

Arrangements for the 2018 St Georges Day Celebrations

Dates & Times – Rehearsal will be held on Saturday 21 st April 2018
11.00am – 12.00 noon at Gloucester Cathedral
Parade & Service will be on Sunday 22 nd April 2018
04.15pm Assemble Kings Square.
04.30pm (Prompt) Parade moves off
04.45pm Parade arrives at Cathedral
05.00pm Cathedral Service starts
06.00pm Service finishes
The Parade moves off & Service start times are Precise – The other times are approximations


Can you please ensure that the young people you choose to be your Group colour bearers will be able to attend the Saturday rehearsal – this is the only way we can attempt to ensure that the Service will run smoothly on the Sunday. Full uniform should be worn by all taking part in the rehearsal and Group colour bearers should remember to bring their carrier in addition to their flag.
Would rehearsal participants meet at the Cathedral. Parents of the youngsters taking part in the rehearsal are welcome to remain during the rehearsal. The rehearsal is not expected to last for more than 1 hour.


The Parade will assemble at Kings square. (Please advise parents that there is parking in the general area). The Parade will be marching in Groups led by District Officials &; District colours. All Group colours are to be carried at the head of their respective section, with 2 escorts for each flag.

Dress Code

this is a high profile event and therefore – Correct uniform should be worn. Leaders will you please impress upon all your young people -No Jeans or Trainers. Scout & Explorer shirts to be tucked in and not worn outside trousers / skirts. Top coats will only be worn if it is raining when the parade moves off from Kings Square. It is important to wear a tee shirt or similar under their uniform for


The celebration in the Cathedral will commence at 05.00pm, and finish between 06.00pm & 06.15pm. Leaders are requested to space themselves amongst their group for the duration of the Service and to endeavour to ensure that the noise level is kept to a minimum. Parents and friends will be admitted to the Service provided there are spare seats, after all those taking part in the parade are seated. Please let me know if any young person or leader is in a wheel chair or problems walking up the step please let me know as they can use the disable access into the Cathedral


Will all section leaders please arrange for monies to be collected at Kings Square, prior to departure. Polythene bags will be distributed for this purpose at the assembly point. It would assist the collection in the Cathedral, if the bags could be passed to the person sitting in the end seat next to the aisle prior to the collection taking place.

Dispersal The Group Colour bearers will be dispersed outside of the West door of the Cathedral, but section leaders will be responsible for the safe dispersal of their youngsters, following the Service.

Please make every attempt to attend this high profile event – This is one of only a few events where we get a chance to show the district as a whole.

If you have any queries concerning the above:-Please contact Andy Tucker 07976810518 or Email:

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